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The customer always comes first for us. We always try to find the most suitable solution for everyone. Whenever it is a comfortable flight or quality accommodation that are reasonably priced combined with a time investment for the trip. Thanks to our analytical data, we can find connections and accommodation capacities that are of the highest quality and we try to adapt our offers accordingly. Whether it’s flights to New York, flights to Dubai, flights to London, flights to Bangkok, flights to Paris or flights to Barcelona or accommodation in destinations. We try to provide all this as best as possible and in the best possible quality.

About us

The company WEB SHOP FLY a.s. - hereinafter referred to as WEB SHOP FLY - was founded as a travel agency in mid-2016. From the very beginning, it has been a proud member of the international association of air carriers IATA.

At the beginning, WEB SHOP FLY focused on providing all the necessary business, technological and partnership relationships necessary for further development. In 2018, it launched a unique search system for selecting tickets for its clients, which is currently in the patenting process at the Czech Patent Office, with an application not only for the Czech Republic, but for the entire European Union.

The company’s headquarters are in the heart of Europe, in Prague, Czech Republic.

Essens Travel

Together with its strategic business partner, ESSENS Europe, WEB SHOP FLY began its expansion into world markets in 2019. WEB SHOP FLY has developed its own web portal for this client, which serves more than 350,000 of their clients across the European and Asian continents.

Since September 2019, WEB SHOP FLY has launched the international project Flymeto, which is a new “flagship” for global expansion into other, foreign markets. During 2020, it added a range of hotel content to its portfolio. The main partners in this field include world leaders in this field, namely Amadeus and


Another major project developed by WEB SHOP FLY in 2020 is a bespoke IT solution for BossTickets, which will launch ticket and accommodation sales for China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in 2021.


WEB SHOP FLY is a strong player in the provision of travel services for companies and other companies. The company WEB SHOP FLY is directly involved in providing travel services for large events, both in the business, sports and social fields. For the second year in a row, it has been cooperating in the field of sponsorship and providing travel services with the Moto GP Sepang Petronas Racing Team, which participates in the world championship in motorsport. Other partners include Generali, which is a leading global player in the field of insurance services and whose products we also offer on our projects.

Our Partners

Our largest selected clients include the following companies:

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